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Blue Ridge Books, Waynesville, NC

Cold Mountain, made famous by Charles Frazier’s book and movie by the same name, is about 15 miles south east of Waynesville. The town was founded by Revolutionary War hero Colonel Robert Love who named the town after his commander, the explosive and fiery personality General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

The Book Shelf, Tryon, NC

The Book Shelf has always been owned by women. It offers national and regional bestsellers in fiction and non-fiction, as well and cards and gifts. You are also invited to have coffee and spend your afternoon with a book in their comfortable reading nook. And did I mention their senior citizen discount?

The Fountainhead Bookstore, Hendersonville, NC

Not only will Valerie guide you through her collection of books by national and regional authors, but she will happily point you toward neighboring restaurants, shops and places for your children to play. She is a proud member of the ABA and reports to the New York Times Bestsellers Department.

Books Unlimited, Franklin, NC

Father Henry . . . came in a few weeks after I became the owner and asked if I had any surprises or things happen that I wasn’t expecting. I shook my head and said “No, Father Henry. After 13 years I think I’ve pretty much handled every situation. But you know what? Some mornings, I look in the mirror, slap my palm to my forehead, and say “What the hell was ya’ thinkin?!!”. He put his arm around my shoulders, leaned his head on mine, and said “You’re going to be just fine!!” He was right.

Dovecote Garden and Books, Cashiers, NC

But you are certain to be swept up into the life of the Dargans who lead many garden talk salons where you may learn to make bitters or create fairy gardens. Even more, the Dargans might allow you to pick fresh greens from their garden or take you out back to show you the fresh bear tracks.

Shakespeare and Company Booksellers, Highlands NC

As seems true in most villages, the local bookstores do much more than sell books. Shakespeare and Company is a gathering place for book lovers.

Highland Books, Brevard, NC

“At Highland Books in Brevard, one couple encourages community members to explore the world around them — whether they travel far away or decide to stick around.”

City Lights Bookstore, Sylva NC

City Lights Bookstore’s goal has always been to share the literature of the Southern Appalachian region with the world and the world of books with their community. City Lights Bookstore recently celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary.